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Supervisors: Jostein Bakke and Atle Nesje This PhD project will focus on late Holocene climate variability in the North Atlantic region, with main focus on the response in the terrestrial system of changing andøy dating norway circulation and changing sea-surface temperatures.

Sediment records from Ålfotbreen, a glacier located in western Norway will be analysed at high resolution by applying multiple sediment analyses and dating techniques in order to reconstruct the winter season climate.

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Sediment records from several locations in Andøya northern Norway and Spitsbergen located in areas exposed to changes in the strength and spatial patterns of the westerlies will be analysed using multiple sediment parameters and dating techniques. The goal is to isolate components in the lake sediments that can be used to reconstruct wind patterns of the past.

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By looking at sites along a north-south transect we hope to capture the spatial variability as well as the overall strength of the westerlies. An important part of the project at Andøya will be to understand the processes, both the transport and deposition in the lake system.

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By combining reconstructed winter precipitation at Ålfotbreen with the flux rate of windblown sand at Andøya, the goal is to produce seasonal reconstructions of the westerlies. Coring campaign at Lake Grøndalsvatn, Ålfoten Photo:.

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