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ISSN Chemical Geology. ISSN X. Sustainable densification of the deep crust. Journal of Petrology. Microstructurally controlled trace element Zr, U—Pb concentrations in metamorphic rutile: An example from the amphibolites of the Bergen Arcs.

Journal of Metamorphic Geology. Earthquakes track subduction fluids from slab source to mantle wedge sink. Science Advances.

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It is debated whether fluids and earthquakes are directly related. Between source and sink, the fluids flow updip under a sealed plate interface, facilitating intraslab earthquakes. In some locations, the seal breaks and fluids escape through vents into the mantle wedge, thereby reducing the fluid supply and seismicity updip in the slab.

The vents themselves austrheim dating site represent nucleation austrheim dating site for larger damaging earthquakes. The effects of earthquakes and fluids on knarvik møte single metamorphism of the lower continental crust. Stress orientation-dependent reactions during metamorphism. Dynamic earthquake rupture in the lower crust. Peridotite weathering is the missing ingredient of Earth's continental crust composition.

Nature Communications. Textural and chemical evolution of pyroxene during hydration and deformation: A consequence of retrograde metamorphism. Spatial and online dating rennesøy distributions of garnets grown in a pseudotachylyte austrheim dating site during a lower crust earthquake. Engvik, Ane; Taublad, H. Dynamic metamorphism: stable isotopes, fluid evolution, and deformation of albitite and sapolite metagabbro.

Earthquake-induced transformation of the lower crust. Scientific Reports. Show summary Studies of mineral equilibria in metamorphic rocks have given valuable insights into the tectonic processes operating at convergent plate margins during an orogeny. Geodynamic models simulating orogenesis and crustal thickening have been constrained by temperature and pressure estimates inferred from the mineral assemblages of the various lithologies involved along with age constrains from increasingly precise geochronological techniques.

During such studies it is assumed that the pressure experienced by a given rock is uniquely related to its depth of burial. This assumption has been challenged by recent studies of high pressure HP and ultrahigh pressure UHP rocks. Here, we describe an example of Caledonian HP metamorphism from the Bergen Arcs in western Norway, and show that the associated formation of Caledonian eclogites at the expense of Proterozoic granulites was related to local pressure perturbations rather than burial, and that the HP metamorphism resulted from fluid-induced weakening of an initially dry and highly stressed lower crust when thrust upon the hyperextended margin of the Baltic shield.

Rare earth elements and Sm-Nd isotope redistribution austrheim dating site apatite and accessory minerals in retrogressed lower crust material Bergen Arcs, Norway. Sequence and timing of mineral replacement reactions during albitisation in the high-grade Bamble lithotectonic domain, S-Norway.

Precambrian Research. Fragmentation of wall rock garnets during deep crustal earthquakes.

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Formation of magnesium silicate hydrate cement in nature. Journal of the Geological Society. Transfer of olivine crystallographic orientation through a cycle of serpentinisation and dehydration. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. Localized slip controlled by dehydration embrittlement of partly serpentinized dunites, Leka Ophiolite Complex, Norway.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

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Interpretation of zircon coronae textures from metapelitic granulites of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone, northern Italy: Two-stage decomposition of Fe-Ti oxides. Solid Earth SE. Sulphide formation from granulite-facies S-rich scapolite breakdown.

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Terra Nova. Metamorphic processes and seismicity: The Bergen Arcs as a natural laboratory. Subarctic physicochemical weathering of serpentinized peridotite.

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Mass transfer and trace element redistribution during hydration of granulites in the Bergen Arcs, Norway. Disequilibrium metamorphism of stressed lithosphere. Earth-Science Reviews. Coupled mass transfer through a fluid phase and volume preservation during the hydration of granulite: An example from austrheim dating site Bergen Arcs, Norway. Halogen element and stable chlorine isotope fractionation caused by fluid-rock interaction Bamble sector, SE Norway.

Inter-mineral Mg isotope fractionation during hydrothermal ultramafic rock alteration - Implications for the global Mg-cycle.

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Garnets within geode-like serpentinite veins: Implications for element transport, hydrogen production and life-supporting environment formation. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Large subduction earthquakes along the fossil Moho in Alpine Corsica.

The products of such drastic events are rarely observed in the field because they are mostly lost by subduction.

We present new observations of deformation products formed by a few very large and numerous small intermediate-depth Alpine subduction earthquakes that are pre- served along the exhumed gabbro—mantle peridotite contact of the Piemont-Liguria oceanic basin in Corsica.

The abrupt release of energy austrheim dating site in shear heating events that completely melted both gabbro and peridotite. The large volumes of melt that were generated can be stud- ied in the fault and injection vein breccia complex along the fault zone. The energy required for wholesale melting of a large volume of peridotite along the fault combined with previous esti- austrheim dating site of stress drops show that very large earthquakes took place along the Moho of the sub- ducting plate.

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Because these fault rocks formed by intraplate seismicity, we suggest, by analogy with present-day subduction, that they represent a proxy for the lower seismogenic zone.

Bast, R. Boron isotopes in tourmaline as a tracer of metasomatic processes in the Bamble sector of Southern Norway. Localized granulite and eclogite facies metamorphism at Flatraket and Kråkeneset, Western Gneiss Region: U-Pb data and tectonic implications. Geological Society Special Publication. Geoscience Frontiers.

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Cordierite formation during the experimental reaction of plagioclase with Mg-rich aqueous solutions. Characterization of olivine fabrics and mylonite in the presence nissedal speed dating norway fluid and implications for seismic anisotropy and shear localization.