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Slopes at Gautefall Ski Center. It is home to six cross-country skiing trails loipesincluding trails connecting Nissedal and Gautefall.

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Opportunities for alpine skiingsnowbladingsnowboardingTelemark skiingand mountain skiing are found at Vrådal Ski Center and Gautefall Alpine Center. Many of Nissedal's 1, lakes are used for fishing, including Nisser Lake.

PerchTroutLavaret and Arctic char are some of the fish species found in the lake.

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Lake Nisser is a popular destination for boating, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. There are a total of 45 km of cross-country skiing trails at Felle with trails leading over mountains such as Havrefjell and Vedlausfjell.

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Vrådal Alpine and Ski Center is used for both cross country skiing and alpine skiing. This center lies in-between Vråvatn and Nisser.

Roughly twenty mountains are regularly used for climbing and Hægefjell is the most hiked mountain in Nissedal. The mountain, which has been dating i nissedal in the TV series 71 Degrees North inhas around 50 different hiking trails. It has an elevation of 1, m.

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While the trail to the mountain Havrefjell also has trailheads by Bjønntjønn Lake and Gautefall Alpine Centerthe closest trail is found in the village of Felle. The trail Heigeitilløypa, which has its trailhead at Gautefall Biathlon, leads to Jørundskårheia, Gråndalsfjell mountain, and Djupvatn Lake, before reaching the seter Holmvasstøylen dating i nissedal Holmvatn Lake at Kyrkjebygdheia.

A dirt road leads from the lake down to the dating i nissedal center in Kyrkjebygda. Heigeitilløypa trail is named for the ancient boundary marker Heigeitilen.

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Some popular trailheads are found at Felehovet and Heimdal. The hotel was established for mountain bikers and is situated far into the wilderness and connected to over km 62 mi.

The hotel has a Maldivian dock with its own fireplace situated in the nearby lake Øytjønnane. A campground is located on this beach. Carved during the Ice Age, the giant's kettle functions as a water park during summer months.

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The area is used for picnicking, swimming, and there are areas to slide down the riverbed as well as mountain ledges suited for jumping. After the river here was dammed for the production of power, the potholes were revealed and have since been a popular bathing destination. Nissedal Potholes, aure single jenter functioning as a water park during summer. One of Norway's most popular sites for mountain climbing.

dating i nissedal

Featured in the TV series 71 Degrees North. The last bear to be shot in Tørdal was by Bjønnsteinen in February The last bear to be shot in this area was by Landtaksdammen in by Jon Kraakenes of Vrådal.

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Gjerstadskogene by Solhomfjell is a popular destination for those hunting birds, rabbits, beavers, and deer.