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The statistics are reported to Eurostat.

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Background Background and purpose The statistics measure the developments in building activities for all types of buildings.

Statistics Norway has published the building statistics since Users and applications Users of building statistics include the building and construction industry, the Ministry of Finance, Norges Bank, Statistics Norway's national accounts section, municipalities, various domestic and foreign organizations and institutions. Equal treatment of users No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on ssb.


Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given in the Statistics Release Calendar. See also Principles for equal treatment of users in releasing statistics and analyses. Coherence with other statistics Information on completed detached houses is used in the price index for new detached houses.

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Building statistics are used for the compilation of national accounts statistics. Production Population The population is licensed, started and completed buildings during the month, quarter and year. The observation unit is building. From and onwards the statistics include buildings with a utility floor space of 16 square metres and over.

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In addition buildings with a utility floor space of less than 16 square metres are included if there is a new dwelling unit. Before the threshold value for utility floor space was 30 square meters. From and onwards the statistics is based upon registered buildings from 6th of January to 5 th of January the year after. Before dating norway i espeland statistics is correspondingly based upon a statistical year from 11th of January one year to 10th of January the next year.

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From and onwards the statistics is based upon registered buildings from 6th of January to 31st of December. From and onwards the statistics is based upon registered buildings from 1st of January to 31 st of December. Data sources and sampling Matrikkelen is a computer register containing information about ground properties and addresses in Norway.

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The register also contains information on all buildings under construction at 31 December and all buildings that have been built or changed since 1 January Data to Matrikkelen are collected pursuant to the act relating to the division of landed property and provisions of this act.

The owner dating norway i espeland the register is the Ministry of Environment, with the Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority professionally responsible. The County Mapping Offices administrate the register system in the districts and together with each of the municipalities they are responsible for entering the data.

The building statistics are a complete census.

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Collection of data, editing and estimations Data from Matrikkelen. Every building is checked, and edited if necessary, according to editing procedures; a set of fixed machine and manual checks.

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The variables checked are date, type of building, industry, utility floor space, number of dwellings and dwelling units. The editing procedures ensure that obvious errors in the register are corrected. The procedures ensure that there is correspondence between the various variables for the same building. Seasonal adjustment Totals are calculated by summation.

Monthly and quarterly series started are seasonally adjusted, while trend-cycle data are published both for utility floor space other than in dwellings and for dwelling units and utility floor space in dwellings.

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The numbers are adjusted for seasonal variations applying the XARIMA method within RJdemetra, with non-fixed seasonal effects and multiplicative model. Pre-correction for Easter effect. Extreme values are corrected if they are significant.

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Confidentiality Not relevant Comparability over time and space Agriculture, forestry and fishing building have been included again in the statistics since From to these buildings were excluded from the statistics due to the fact that the registration of these buildings failed after the obligation to submit reports was discontinued in January Beginning 1 March new registration instructions were imposed on the municipalities to report new buildings in agriculture, forestry and fishing to the previous GAB register.

Before the establishment of the GAB register indating norway i espeland useful floor space of buildings was used. Statistics Norway has calculated conversion factors between useful space and utility floor space for dwellings.

Based on figures from 2 buildings, the ratio between useful floor space and utility floor space was measured, and these ratios are as follows: Detached houses.