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Municipal history[ edit ] The municipality was established on 1 January when the neighboring municipalities of Nærøy and Vikna were merged. The small Lund area of Nærøy was not part of the merger, it instead was merged with the large Namsos Municipality to the south on the same date.

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The merger came about because on 8 Junethe Norwegian Parliament, the Stortingvoted to merge ballangen dating steder municipalities of LekaViknaNærøyand Bindal to form one, large municipality effective 1 January The strait is named after the nearby island Nærøya.

The Old Norse form of the name of the island was Njarðøy. The first element is dating norway i nærøysund the stem form of the name of the Norse god Njord but it is suspicious that it is not in the genitive case.

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The last element is øy which means " island ". Historically, the name has had varying spellings such as Nærø or Nærøen. The arms are a white shield with a green and blue intertwined design.

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The green symbolizes the land and agriculture while the blue symbolizes the sea and fishing industry. Both are intertwined like a rope to symbolize unity and the two old municipalities becoming one.

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It is part of the Namdal prosti deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros. Churches in Nærøy.