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Osterøy — a journey between fjord and mountains Osterøy — a journey between fjord and mountains Osterøy is an inland island, surrounded by beautiful fjords on all sides. This is the island for great nature and cultural experiences! Distance: km Driving time: 3 hours and 6 minutes. Best time to do it: June to September, check the opening hours of fjord  dating site museums.

Osterøy is just a fjord  dating site drive from the centre of Bergen. From the Osterøy bridge along the E16 road, you get beautiful views up the Veafjord and the Sørfjord.

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Osterøy offers great nature and cultural experiences. Your bucket list should include a walk to the top of Bruviknipa and a visit to Osterøy Museum where you can learn about how the Vikings made raincoats!

Ski touring in the heart of Fjord Norway, the Sunnmøre Alps.

Map with details fjord  dating site the trip A cultural history island Osterøy is an island that is proud of its strong craftsmanship and industry traditions. Traditions that are still alive on Osterøy. In Mjøsvågen, reminders of the past are lined up in this sheltered and idyllic bay along the Osterfjord.

In this little bay alone, there was a chest making workshop, blacksmiths, a wooden shoe factory, a metal foundry and a furniture factory.

In this preserved coastal and industrial environment, new life has been breathed into the buildings in the form of a café, gallery, village shop and guided tours of the historical buildings during summer.

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Mjøsvågen, Osterøy. Osterøy Museum is an open-air museum with buildings dating back to the 17th century.

It has exhibitions about building styles, old crafts and costumes. It also has a cultural landscape trail with burial mounds. Havrå is a farm and museum whose history extends all the way back to the Bronze Age.

It gained protected status in The cluster of buildings and the old division of the land are still intact at the farm.

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The farm is a unique testament to the farming, building customs and way of life that prevailed on these farm clusters in Western Norway, in its location in the steep terrain facing the Sørfjord. At the village shop in Mjøsvågen, you will find a wide fjord  dating site of local produce and products, making it well worth a visit.

It also has a café that serves delicious bakes. Accommodation is available at Fjordslottet Hotel og Bad, fjord  dating site is in a lovely location in Fotlandsvåg.

Osterøy – a journey between fjord and mountains

The hotel is the perfect starting point for walks in the mountains on Osterøy. A natural gem in the Norwegian fjord landscape The fjord was the quickest and most important way of getting to Bergen until just a few decades ago. The fjord boats loyally transported both people and livestock in the fjords around Bergen. It could take one or even two days to get to Bergen from the communities in the innermost reaches of the Osterfjord.

Today, you can experience the whole Osterfjord in just three sandnes single speed on a Rødne fjord cruise to Mostraumen.

This cruise enables you to experience the huge contrasts in the landscape of the Bergen region, from the open landscape of the coast to the beautiful fjords and the high mountains innermost in the Osterfjord. Bruvik, Osterøy.

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Photo: Dagrun Stokke. Top three walks in Osterøy Bruviknipa. Level of difficulty: Moderate.

Length: 2. Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Level of difficulty: Easy.

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Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes. Pick up a map at Mjøsvågen landhandleri village shop. Along Rispingen ridge.

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Length: 4. Duration: 1 hour. Hike up Bruviknipa Osterøy has a lot to offer nature lovers. Bruviknipa ascends just metres from Bruvik, but offers impressive views of the fjord landscape at the top.

We have many opportunities to choose between.

Check ut. Walk the fjord  dating site hairpin bends at Kossdalssvingane Try the beautiful hike up 17 hairpin bends at Kossdalsvingane on Osterøy 50 minutes drive from Bergen.

The course gives the participant basic competence in kayaking. We have added on two hours focusing on safety and rescue techniques. Max group is 8 persons per instructor, minimum group is 2 persons. We can do the course with double or single kayaks. All courses must be booked in advance on post kajakk.

The walk is a relatively easy and is suitable for all ages.