Sandane dating norway. Photo: Interior from the Moritsstove. A house built in 1863. Foto: Ulf Palm.

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Subscribe and get exclusive curated content delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. Waterfall Wednesdays!!! Eidsfossen was a powerful waterfall on the aptly-named Storelva Big River that literally made us feel like the ground beneath our feet was trembling.

In any case, it was no wonder that we saw infrastructure around the falls indicating that it was being tapped for hydroelectricity. Yet even with this degree of intervention, the falls was still flowing forcefully.


The falls was said to have a cumulative height of 33m, which Julie and I were able to appreciate from a couple of viewing spots. The Upper Viewing Spot for Eidsfossen From the upper viewing spot near the brink of its power drop as shown speed dating norway enebakk the photo abovewe also noticed there was a salmon ladder.

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This ladder was said to be the longest in the world at m as it allowed salmon to continue swimming upstream past this otherwise impenetrable barrier on the Gloppen River. Looking down towards the hydroelectric facility adjacent to the Eidsfossen I had read after the trip that the largest known catch along this stretch of river was an amazing 26kg!

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Anyhow, it was from this vantage point that we truly felt dwarfed by the sheer volume of water that was passing by us. The Bottom of Eidsfossen After sandane dating norway our fill of the upper vantage point, we then continued driving a short distance downstream where there was a very wide plunge pool as well as a look back at the falls from a distance.

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Direct view of Eidsfossen from its bottom across its large plunge pool with the ugly hydro building to the left of it Yet even though we were on the opposite end of the large plunge pool, we were still getting so much spray from the falls that it was difficult to photograph.

This was further exacerbated by the fact that the mid-morning sun was also somewhat against us as we viewed it.

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Moreover, we were stymied by the muddy terrain around the river thanks to the constant spray so we were limited on where else we could go to change up the view. Then, there was the ugly power station to the left of the falls that also conspired to make this vantage point a bit less appealing to linger around much longer.

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Sandane dating norway Different Kind of Waterfall Eidsfossen in high flow when sandane dating norway first came here in In any case, most of the waterfalls we had seen in Norway to this point were of the tall and stringy variety. However, with Eidsfossen, it was definitely about the immense power which contrasted our other Norwegian waterfalling experiences nicely. So with all things considered, this waterfall had all the makings of being a very highly-rated 4 waterfall especially with the bold rainbow and the sheer feeling of being humbled by something so thunderous.

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However, we ultimately dropped it down to a 3. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website or Facebook page.