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Phase 7. In this book, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO celebrates the outstanding hard work and creativity that takes place throughout the academic year.

Troye, Pro Rector, range of courses. The book concludes with an over- view of all the people that make AHO what single speed færder is — the faculty, the administration, and finally the students enrolled in the — academic year.

This is, of course, a difficult task because there are so many good projects to choose from at AHO. Trude Løw Hansen, Communications Department Hence, this publication is one of the many ways in which we evaluate the quality of our education each year.

As the editors of these publications, we would like to congratulate, and thank, all of the students, faculty, and staff for their excellent work. Rachel K. Through our year history, AHO has established solid public funding and achieved prominent international rankings. AHO offers verdal møte single single doctoral degree, the Doctor of Philosophy.


The school has an educational philosophy centred on a studio-based model, with a faculty-to-student ratio that encourages individual development and collaboration. The PhD programme is organized as a separate academic unit and counts approximately 50 PhD candidates. All four institutes have their own research centers, informing and inspiring both teaching and practice. The school boasts unique, well-equipped workshops for wood, plastic, concrete and metal, a material single speed færder, and a full-scale construction hall.

AHO has an extensive library carrying approximately print volumes, print journals, and a large number of digital journals and books. The international faculty consists of academics and practicing professionals who provide the breadth necessary for a contemporary architecture, design and landscape architecture education.

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Throughout the interwar period, many architects called for a more artistically orient- ed single speed færder education, and for an Oslo-based institution, since the most qualified teaching personnel were located in the vicinity. Turning our di- gencies. AHO Our students are dedicated to improving and changing is one of the smallest institutions in our sector.

Maintain- the way we live and are highly dedicated to both par- ing excellence in our core teaching and research, while ticipation and co-determination, with the ambition of developing new fields single speed færder study and output, requires a bettering society and the planet.

The roles and societal balancing act between what we have to do and what impact of designers, architects, and landscape archi- we wish to pursue and develop. This drive is charac- tects are rapidly changing. Our school needs to adjust, teristic of AHO. External forces meet internal ambition adapt, find new ways, merge knowledge, research, ed- and competencies and, as a result, new programmes, ucate and practice continuously, all while maintaining new skills, and research are born.

In the previous year, and developing our knowledge base, tradition, craft, and these attributes gave single speed færder to a brand new, five-year pro- history. If you the breadth of design and the scope of architecture and think that landscape architecture is all about designing landscape architecture at AHO are truly staggering, and parks and gardens, take this opportunity to gain single speed færder new alvdal single speed the dominant characterization of all of the work is perspective.

The discipline is multifaceted and includes the multiple ways in which it relates to society. But, it is true that to keep up with changing soci- and how we find a proper balance between society, econ- etal conditions, academia needs to be agile.

This is par- omy, and ecology. Two graduate studios have been set up in Tromsø has been run as a pilot since the autumn of Designers contribute proaches and practice.

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Providing a specialized landscape to that with processes that provide smart solutions and architecture education situated in Oslo and Tromsø, the increased value creation, with the hopes of a better programme offers an opportunity to take part in one of future. We will meet the demand by professionals can design and manage landscapes, cit- working with our stakeholders, the industry, business- ies, towns, ecosystems and new infrastructure: roads, es, and cooperating with other research and education ports, hydrology, and other physical manifestations of institutions in the discipline, to widen the field of de- contemporary urbanism.

Northern loca- For years now, Norway has been at the forefront of tions are sites where climate change and other exigent technology adaptation.

This effort has put AHO at the issues are perhaps visible and traceable at speeds faster head of designing digital solutions. We have built single speed færder than other places of the world. As such, the knowledge world-class interaction and service design programme, acquired in our program will be useful globally and with in dating steder ågotnes our students obtain a combination of exper- regard to other, diverse landscapes.

The ways in which we now work, solve challenge to all education and research environments. Digitalization is transforming the way we to discuss, ask new questions, and produce solutions. Both public and private those questions, solutions to a societal work-in-pro- businesses single speed færder deliver improved, more efficient, single speed færder gress, taking place over the academic year of — user-friendly services, in a market with digital expecta- Join us in celebrating the ambitious ideas, the tions and stronger international competition.

Climate readings of societal needs, our understanding of singeltreff vevelstad change, global financial crises, rapid technological needs, and our efforts to shape the future. Projects from all diploma and Master studios in Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, and Design are displayed.

An external jury evaluates the nominated projects and selects the winners, in collaboration with the sponsors. Bringing together the Norwegian maritime industry, as well as the public 7 September sector, research, and innovation communities, the single speed færder has become a national arena for collab- orating, sharing, and developing common sea transport strategies with the goal of making maritime operations safer, smarter, as well as more user-friendly, and efficient.

GWh 52 28 Direct use of energy goods in Norwegian sectors. PJ 53 29 Use of energy goods outside the energy sectors and international maritime transport. PJ 53 30 Use of energy goods outside the energy sectors.

The conference represents a sector undergoing a great deal of transformation. There were 22 presentations spanning the innovation landscape. These creations included an enchanted island with 22 September exotic nightlife, a giant light painting photo booth, an interactive concert with the choir Vokal Vivo, illuminated path ways, and interactive projections — all were both experi- enced and enjoyed by the thousands of people who participated in the evening river walk.

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Single speed færder year the conference theme was large-scale development and apartment buildings in wood, due to the fact that use of wood in large-scale projects has become more relevant in light of a growing focus on sustainably. The conference targeted actors in all parts of the value chain who are in some way connected to the use of wood in architecture, including architects, consultants, workers, students, researchers, and local or national authorities.

For this Triennale, the school opted to encourage a more single speed færder involvement. From the collaboration between the two institutions, a number of projects were initiated, from studios and elective courses to exhibits and publica- tions. Discus- sions included new forms of residence, contemporary states of transit, and the ways in which architecture and design respond to the transformation of belonging.

The Academy projected the concerns of the Triennale into the future by introducing long-lasting academic conversations and collaborations between multiple universities, which were intended to have an impact on architectural education and practice.

On the occasion of the exhibi- single speed færder The aim was to reflect on dating steder ågotnes chal- Architects OAT lenges of exhibiting architecture, and the specific Spring How are designers implicated in the profit-driven development that significantly shapes Graduate School HGS both where we live and how we belong?

How did The students worked in-situ in the desert for three days using ground, sand, stones, plaster, clay, and found objects to investigate the peripheral condition. The workshop culminated with the students using the work they did in per- formances. The exhibition at AHO documented the workshop and performances, and included the phys- ical works that were created in the desert around Taliesin West. Teachers and students explored dynamic architectural structures and spaces where bodily immer- sion, choreography, temporal qualities, and measures informed their design.

The group emphasized the concepts of Territory, Materiality, Performance, and Change.

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During a three day-long inter- vention the church and its surroundings were completely transformed by a huge light installation consisting of 24 interactive light cubes and large-scale projection mapping onto the church itself. At the centre of the installation was a touch sensitive cube that allowed visitors to affect and change the appearance of both the cubes and the church.

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The installation attracted a large number of audiences and was one of the top most shared events during the festival. Stu- dents developed a broad range of single speed færder solutions, designing utensils and cooking implements to make them easier to use. They also wanted to inspire more and higher quality meal preparation. Originally, the products single speed lillestrøm created as part of research conducted by The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Førde dating site Nofima on improving the food situation for elderly citizens.

The students contributed to the single speed færder of allowing the elderly to live longer in their own homes, a benefit to the whole society. A collective nostal- gia has made the isolated cabin in the wilderness an appealing escape from the stressful routine of city life as urban populations continue to increase globally. The exhibition catalogued the architectural types, spatial strategies, single speed færder construction methods associated with portable rural dwellings, in order to propose a prototype compact mobile enclosure optimized for different func- tions within a variety of environmental conditions.

His models, working processes, and finished products were all presented in the exhibit. Øxseth has been working as a designer for 35 years; he is responsible for more than 30 top-selling design products and more than a billion people around the world have bought his products. The exhibition was opened officially after a guest lecture by Bård Eker, the well-known industrial designer behind the supercar Koenigsegg, Hydrolift, and many other Norwegian icons. These two cities that have become internationally renowned for innovative architecture and ground-break- ing adventures into social urbanism.

The programme consisted single speed færder excursions, participation in public lectures single speed færder Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá and EAFIT Uni- versity in Medellínas well dating norway i bryne a range of meetings and seminars with key practitioners and academics. Red Dot the internship opportunities open Design annually presents the top 15 educa- to design students.


This was a tional design institutions in Europe and North unique chance for the students to and South America, based on achievements meet potential future employers by their students over the last five years.

A One Day Exhibition 21 April Singelklubb leikanger artwork relates to its surroundings, even when it is a public work or shown in a temporary museum or gallery exhibition.

Related to this, first year archi- tecture students were given an assignment to study the connection between an artwork and the space surrounding it. They worked to give this relationship a visual expression based on mapping and interpre- tation. As a starting point, the students chose either an exhibition space or a public space and a singular work of art.

While investigating the space and the work, a project book was used to gather information and to do analysis. The book functioned as a foun- dation single speed færder the drawings that were presented in the exhibition.