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Engelsk: New to the neighbourhood? This is how you manage household waste in Ringsaker, Hamar, Stange and Løten municipalities.

Welcome as a new customer of Sirkula IKS, who will take care of your household waste needs. The waste you throw away can be used to make new things.

Stange pris på singel is why we sort individual types of waste as much as possible.

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For example, used paper goods can be turned into new paper items, glass jars into new jars and metal tins into new tins, or a bike, for example. Recycling the basic materials in our waste helps to extend the availability of Earth's natural resources, for the use of both ours and future generations.

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All households in Ringsaker, Hamar, Stange and Løten municipalities share the same stange pris på singel management system, which is managed by Sirkula. Each household pays an annual waste collection fee for this service. You are to have different waste bins on your property for each of these.

stange pris på singel

The bins are owned and maintained by Sirkula and belong to the property where you live. If you live in a housing cooperative, apartment block or similar, you might share common waste bins. The standard bins have different colours on the lids according to what sort of waste they should contain.

stange pris på singel

You also have separate, transparent plastic bags for plastic waste collection. Four bins and one transparent plastic bag for plastic waste collection is the standard allotment for single-family homes.

The waste bin rubbish and transparent, plastic bags are collected at different intervals: Food waste brown lid is emptied every 2 weeks.


Plastic transparent bagpaper blue lid and residual waste grey lid are emptied every 4 weeks. See Tømmekalender Collection Calender for which day of the week the various bins are emptied.

Food waste is placed in the special biodegradable, brown bags before it is placed in the bin.

stange pris på singel

Remember to tie the bag securely before putting it in the bin. How to get new bags for food or plastic waste When you run out of the transparent, plastic bags for plastic waste, you can get a new roll by tying an empty, stange pris på singel plastic bag use a bag from the grocery store or another type of plastic bag to the waste bin before collection.

stange pris på singel

You will then receive a new roll of bags when your waste is emptied. Remember to remove the plastic bag from the bin once you have received a new roll of plastic bags.

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When you run out of brown food waste bags, you can get new ones by tying a brown food waste bag to the waste bin before collection. You will receive a new roll of bags when your waste is emptied.

stange pris på singel

You can also pick up new bags for plastic and food waste at the recycling station and at the municipal Service office. Recycling centre deliveries You can deliver all types of waste, with the exception of food waste, at manned recycling stations during opening hours.

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It is especially important that you deliver waste containing hazardous materials to the recycling stations, in order to safeguard public health and dating i haram local environment. Use the red box for storage of hazardous waste. There is no additional cost for delivering private household waste to recycling stations, with the exception of residual waste. See prices at sirkula.

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You must use transparent plastic bags to deliver residual waste at the recycling station. You can buy such bags in stores and at Sirkula. Recycling station street addresses:.

stange pris på singel