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Late road connection to the outside dating i svelgen for the industrial town of Svelgen By Kristin Ese It was the development of hydroelectric power that created the industrial growth in Svelgen from However, it took a long before any road construction took place. Only in was Svelgen connected to the rest of the county through the building of highway RV from Svelgen to Haukå, with a ferry connection across the Norddalsfjord to Bjørnset.

The extention further north to Ålfoten and a ferry service across the Nordfjord between Isane and Stårheim came in The industrial town of Svelgen in Owner: Rolf Sagebø.

Svelgen, Vestland, Norway Weather

Photographer: Johan Sagebø. Plans for a rural road to Ålfoten InBremanger had only 1.

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Inthe municipal authorities demanded "reasonable road connections in Bremangerpollen and a main road from Ålfoten to Svelgen to be continued to Kjelkenes. In the road traffic plan ofthis project was not included, in spite of the fact that a hydroelectric development of the Svelgen watercourse would employ men and lead to an annual zinc production of 30 tonnes.

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Bremanger was a farmer and fisherman community, where boats were the main means of transport. At that time, Svelgen had about inhabitants, but the municipal centre was located at Kalvåg.

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In the first few years, the smelting plant produced zinc, but after the Dating i svelgen World War, the demand for zinc was drastically reduced. Inthe company started with producing pig iron, and the name was now changed to "Bremanger Rujernsverk" Pig iron plant.

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The Second World War put an end to this production. The road between Svelgen and Florø When the construction work started, there were few roads in and around Svelgen.

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All transport to and fro Svelgen was carried out by boat. It actually took more than 40 years before the building of roads started in earnest. Inthe road between Svelgen and Kjelkenes was opened for traffic.

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InSvelgen became the administrative centre in the municipality. The road between Kjelkenes and Haukå 25 kilometres dating i svelgen then under construction.

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On 4 Octoberthe ferry service between Haukå and Bjørnset started up, and Svelgen was now connected by road to dating i svelgen outside world. Highway RV gave a connection both to Florø and Førde.

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Two tunnels The road section Haukå-Myklebust was completed in the mids. The The tunnel construction through the gap at Magnhildskaret started inand was completed in At that time, this was the longest tunnel in the county, closely followed by Lotetunnelen of metres.

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Going on strike for a bridge A road connection with a bridge across the Norddalsfjord was suggested as early as inbut inpoliticians instead went in for a ferry service between Haukå and Bjørnset.

It went so far that people at Svelgen and Norddalsfjorden went on strike in to get a ferry-free connection. The county council gave priority to the bridge across the Norddalsfjord over the bridge across the Dalsfjord in the road plan forbut this was turned down by the Storting.

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The Norddalsfjord Bridge was not included until the next road plan. The Norddalsfjord Bridge A ferry-free southward connection came in with the opening of the Norddalsfjord Bridge.

Late road connection to the outside world for the industrial town of Svelgen

This new connection gave people from the mainland part of Bremanger and the Norddalsfjord area a ferry-free connection to the outside world. An important reason for the increased road construction efforts was the strong economic growth in industry. In the s, the smelting plant experienced an incredible growth.