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Individuell plan og koordinator Innhold Dersom du har behov for langvarige og koordinerte tjenester, kan en koordinator og eventuelt en individuell plan være til god hjelp for deg. Hva kan du få hjelp til? Koordinator Tjenesten starter med at det oppnevnes en koordinator. Koordinator og bruker må ved oppstarten avklare forventninger og gjøre avtaler for hvordan de vil jobbe sammen og om det er behov for individuell plan. Koordinator skal sikre god framdrift og sørge for nødvendig informasjon til bruker.

History[ edit ] The earliest existing historical records of the church date back to the yearbut the stone long church was likely built around the year The stone walls were built about 1 metre 3 ft 3 in thick. Gradually, the medieval church is expanded.

First, a small choir area and a tower was added to the building.

The altarpiece with a painting from around the year is by German painter Gottfried Hendtzschel. The pulpit is from Ina sacristy was added.

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Inthe eastern portion of the old stone church was torn down and a timber-framed addition was built which turned the building into a cruciform design.

The medieval stone section that remained, made up the western cross arm of the church after the saltdal dating norway and this design dating site i birkenes the church has remained since then. Ina new neo-Gothic tower was built above the entry porch to the building.

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This was Norway's first national elections. Each church parish was a constituency that elected people called "electors" who later met together in each county to elect the representatives for the assembly that was to meet in Eidsvoll later that year.

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